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Straight To Ale Brewing – Huntsville, Alabama

Located in the historic Lincoln Mills, Straight To Ale Brewing provides Huntsville, Alabama with top quality, full flavored beer in styles ranging from English brown ales to American Imperial IPA’s and everything in between.


Olde Towne Brewing Company – Huntsville, Alabama

Brewers of Olde Towne Amber Ale, Olde Towne Hefeweizen, Olde Towne Pale Ale, Olde Towne Pilsner, Olde Towne Porter, Olde Towne Pumpkin Ale, Olde Towne Oktoberfest, Olde Towne Emancipation IPA IPA and other seasonal beers.


Yellowhammer Brewing – Huntsville, Alabama

European Tradition. Uniquely American.
For more information visit: http://www.yellowhammerbrewery.com/


Blue Pants Brewery – Huntsville, Alabama

Knickerbocker Red! Its a moderately hoppy, but balanced, aggressive American Red Ale with a good Cascade taste and a strong malty backbone. The good head retention and foam lets you know that this beer has a lot of body, which complements the rich hop aroma and taste.